Coffee Hour Lecture/Screening: Beautiful Swimmers Revisited

Speaker: Author/filmmaker Tom Horton. 
Cost: FREE. Registration Required.

On the 40th anniversary of Beautiful Swimmers, William Warner's 1976 classic book about the blue crab, filmmaker Sandy Cannon-Brown teams up with Chesapeake Bay environmental writer Tom Horton to see how crabs are faring in the bay. Today's Chesapeake is not the same bay in which Warner conducted his inquiries of the iconic blue crab in the 1960s and 70s. Yet much remains. 

In Beautiful Swimmers Revisited, award-winning writer Tom Horton picks up where Warner left off 40 years ago. Horton's journey takes him to all reaches of the Bay, from the York River in Virginia to the Patapsco in Maryland as he visits with watermen harvesting crabs with pots, nets, scrapes and trotlines; scientists conducting winter dredge surveys to predict next year's abundance and research to define the pressures affecting the crab from predators to climate change, and managers who struggle to balance the preservation of the watermen culture with the preservation of the blue crab.