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Coffee Hour Lecture: Virginia's Barrier Islands- Breakneck Change in a Rapidly Changing World - NO SEATS AVAILABLE

  • Speaker: Dr. Christopher Hein, Assistant Professor, VIMS. 
  • Cost: FREE

Barrier islands and their back-barrier marshes and bays are found throughout the world, where they are home to diverse ecological communities, large-scale infrastructure, and vibrant communities. Although they are a seemingly permanent feature of our coasts, these islands are both very young (geologically speaking) and among the most rapidly changing landscapes on earth. And no barrier system on the US East Coast changes as swiftly as those found along Virginia's Eastern Shore. This talk will cover the geology, human history, and modern change seen along barrier islands globally, with a particular emphasis on those just off the Wachapreague coast. It will discuss the tools geologists use to study barrier islands, the lessons learned from Cedar and Parramore islands, and the likely future of Virginia's barrier islands. 

Later Event: April 12
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