Woof! (Donate now)


Dog trainer extraordinaire Beth Ann Sabo is challenging all dog owners and lovers to support the campaign to restore/rehabilitate the historic 1725 quarter kitchen on the old Almshouse Farm (site of the Barrier Islands Center). 

Beth Ann with Bodhi.jpg

Dogs in the Kitchen

"I believe in saving this last little building at the BIC. I am asking students to consider a donation to the Kitchen project. Today, our dogs often spend time with us in our kitchens at home. It’s easy to imagine an Almshouse Farm dog, lying at the warming hearth in the Quarter Kitchen, hopefully watching for a scrap to fall or a kind word to be spoken. I have never asked for a donation before, but wanted to give my students a chance to experience philanthropy to benefit a place they have long-enjoyed, which in turn will support Shore families and their dogs for many years to come.Best of all, each donation will be matched by me AND by a foundation grant! "

~ Beth Ann Sabo