UVA J-Term Engineering Students

NOTE: We received the sad news that BIC friend Art Schwarzschild passed away unexpectedly yesterday morning, March 15, 2017. We are still processing this terrible loss, but are encouraged that he brought so many students to his beloved Eastern Shore to share the wonders of Virginia's barrier islands. Re-reading the 2017 J-Term student writings reminds us that his legacy will live on through all those students.

We will miss you dearly, Art!

Art Schwarzschild in his element!

Art Schwarzschild in his element!


Each year in January for the past 4 or 5 years, the BIC has been honored to be part of a special UVA J-Term experience for engineering students. The brain child of UVA-LTER Director Art Schwarzschild, this class is an offering of the Science, Technology and Society program in the UVA School of Engineering.  

The January 2017 class was under the direction of UVA faculty members/instructors: Hannah Rogers (Engineering and Society), Art Schwarzschild (Environmental Sciences) and John Casteen (English and Creative Writing). 

At the end of the intensive program, the students present selected works (poetry, flash fiction, etc) at the Barrier Islands Center. We are always amazed by the depth of emotion and the unique perspectives that these brilliant left-brained engineering students bring to their creative writing work. We think you'll be blown away as well!  


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